Welcome to IFB Financial, LLC, a veteran-owned business. As an innovative leader in financial services, we sell dreams! IFB was established to serve Individuals, Families, and Businesses to help people accomplish their dreams and improve their lives and in turn, Change the World One Dream at a Time.

We are Certified College Advisers helping high school students accomplish their dream of getting the best education possible at the most competitive price; Licensed Insurance Brokers providing solutions to protect individuals, families, and businesses; Employee Benefits Brokers providing benefits to increase employee morale and business profitability; and, Entrepreneurial Opportunity Brokers in financial services and online marketing to help people obtain financial freedom and reach their lifestyle dreams.

IFB has a clear vision for success – Change the World One Dream at a Time – and an empowering mission – Improving clients’ lives by using dynamic strategies to address financial challenges facing Individuals, Families, and Businesses in pursuit of their dreams – giving people the tools they need to take control of their lives. IFB is strategically positioned for success with strategic partners in financial services, college planning, and online marketing.

At IFB Financial, one will find their life’s work here being involved in something much greater than themselves.

Remember, Givers Gain, Thinkers Create, and Dreamers Achieve…

So…Dare to Dream!