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As Founder and President of IFB Financial, LLC, maintaining IFB’s high level of service, integrity, and commitment to excellence are critically important to me in gaining and maintaining the trust placed in IFB by our employees, clients, strategic partners, and vendors.

This trust extends to the professionals I personally recommend, and I will include only those professionals whom I know work with equal levels of integrity and excellence in serving their clients. In addition, I am recommending only professionals that can add value to your lives and businesses through their services.

Health, Wellness, & Nutrition

Health & Wellness Coach

Peak Mountain Health and Fitness
Jennifer Fanning is a Team Beachbody® Coach, who will work with you to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. It is her goal to support you where you are because everyone starts at different places.

I have observed Jennifer’s performance as a Beachbody Coach and she has developed into one of the most proficient coaches in the country. I can state unequivocally that Jennifer provides the highest level of support that engenders trust in her clients. Jennifer is also one of my daughters and I can recommend her without hesitation.

If you’d like to connect with her or have any questions, please reach out – she is there to help. Email her at

Holistic Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer

Glowing Free
Lindsey Bogard has a B.S. in Holistic Nutrition, and additional certifications as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (AFPA) and as a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE). Her company, Glowing Free will help you “find your freedom and get your glow.” The road to health is not an easy one and is a journey. It does not happen overnight, and it is not meant to be walked alone.

Lindsey will support you on your journey to health and wellness and offers Nutritional Counseling and Personal Training. Her personal journey is a testament to her qualifications as she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in August 2012. Subsequently, she began researching alternative methods and nutritional therapies for MS and other autoimmune diseases. She adopted a fully plant-based diet, with a high intake of raw fruits and vegetables and the elimination of gluten.

Lindsey reversed many of her MS symptoms and stop progression of the disease without the use of harmful medications coupled with having more energy than ever before and she can now better tolerate higher temperatures (a huge issue with MS). She can run 7 miles without stopping, hike in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, perform crazy types of exercise, and, most importantly, keep up with my two grandchildren that bound endlessly with energy from the stratosphere.

I have watched Lindsey from the moment of her birth throughout her life’s journey and she has my highest recommendation. She is an accomplished Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

Check out her website at

Home Design & Construction

Solid-Slab Countertops & Beyond

Counter Intelligence

Counter Intelligence offers a wide range of solid slab applications, including countertops, showers, and full panel porcelain walls.

They specialize in granite, marble, porcelain, and quartz. Counter Intelligence also installs prefabricated material, including butcher block. Quality, expertise, and customer service is what drives Counter Intelligence to excellence.

Josh Bogard, owner, is Colorado’s first certified Maxfine Porcelain installer. He has done work all over Colorado, including the Spire and the Four Seasons in downtown Denver, the Lodge Casino, and numerous residential homes.

Josh has a creative, artistic ability rarely seen in contractors except those few working on multimillion-dollar mansions. His attention to detail is the best I have seen, and I highly recommend him. I know Josh very well – he has done fabulous work for me and he is one of my sons-in-law, and I trust him completely.


Business Consulting & Support

Human Resource Management

The Tandem Team

Serves the Canadian manufacturing industry to achieve an engaged workplace, safe work environment, and satisfied clients. The Tandem Team also specializes in bringing in the right talent for your organization whenever a new hire is needed for your company. Their services include…

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys;
  • Employee complaint hotline;
  • Employee suggestions box;
  • Recruitment;
  • Client satisfaction surveys; and,
  • Workplace Health and Safety surveys and training .


Financial Services

Real Estate Brokers

Stephanie Joyce, Realtor; Virginia Capital Real Estate

Stephanie Joyce is a consummate real estate professional licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia who understands the greater Richmond, VA real estate market. Stephanie operates with the same high level of values that are the foundation for IFB Financial.

Stephanie was my broker when I purchased my first house in Richmond, VA, so I know first-hand the quality of her work and I give Stephanie my highest recommendation. She is also a trusted friend and colleague in the Financial Services Industry.

Contact information
Virginia Capital Real Estate, 1106 N. Thompson St., Richmond, VA 23230
Office: 804.545.6300
Cell: 804.496.1464

Small Business Support

Small Business Marketing Solutions

Water Street Marketing, Inc.

Arika, Cameron and their company provide comprehensive marketing solutions for small businesses, including website development, branding, graphic design, digital marketing, and public relations. Water Street Marketing is committed to excellence and providing superior service to clients while giving enormous value as well.

I have worked with Arika, Cameron, and their company, Water Street Marketing for the past few years and I know first-hand the level of excellence and value she provides, and I give my strongest recommendation for her services.

Contact information
Water Street Marketing, Inc., 203 S. Washington Ave, Ste 260, Saginaw, MI 48607
Office: 989.534.3071

Let's Dream Together
601 16th St Suite C #328, Golden Colorado, 80401-1979
+1 (833) U-DREAM-2

+1 (833) 837-3262


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