College Dreams

Do you have a dream of attending college? IFB Financial can educate you – students and parents – how to get the best education possible at the lowest cost. We do this by working through our team approach with our strategic partners, parents, and students.

More than 50 percent of college students drop out of college and the average student takes about 5 ½ years to obtain their degree? However, IFB Financial can help reduce the time to obtain a degree and the cost. More than 85 percent of our students graduate and receive their undergraduate degrees on average, in about 4 ½ years. This provides a significant savings to your family.

Time is critical in getting started because the key is understanding the academic social, and financial aspects of this complex structure. Our expertise helps to position students to get into the college compatible with their goals and dreams and advise parents how to position themselves financially to pay the lowest possible cost.

The optimal time to enter our program is in the freshman year of high school; although we can help all high school students.

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Business Dreams

Whether you just starting your business, in a growth stage, or fully established, you have worked hard to become an entrepreneur. In the process, many businesses do not focus on the long-term health and success of their business because of the day-to-day demands being addressed.

At IFB Financial, we promise to have your best interests in mind. We will assist you in differentiating your company to increase your competitive advantage, how to protect your business, and eliminate issues before they start

We serve you by educating you how to provide voluntary employee benefits to increase employee morale and profitability at no-cost to you, the employer. We will also show you other employee benefits available including retirement plans, and strategies to protect your business.

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Income and Lifestyle Dreams

Most Americans do not believe achieving a wealthy lifestyle is possible. However, if you believe in yourself, have an open mind, a dream, and a burning desire to accomplish your dreams, then becoming an entrepreneur may be the right choice for you.

At IFB Financial, we offer exclusive opportunities for success, but we will not work with everyone. You must meet high standards before we will consider being associated with you.

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Individual and Family Dreams

IFB Financial is on a crusade to educate middle America on how you can protect yourself, your family, and your dreams. We know that thinking about protecting yourself and your family financially is not necessarily your priority because of life’s circumstances.

Living your life comes with challenges, changing family issues, stress from a variety of sources, and other issues including financial problems you need to handle. This is why IFB Financial exists – to serve you and to assist you and your family address the financial challenges you face in working towards your dreams.

Time is critical and the time to prepare for your future is now. Please do not delay. Contact IFB Financial today – click on the link below – and let us partner with you to develop customized strategies to protect your dreams.


Welcome to IFB Financial, LLC serving Individuals, Families, and Businesses. We are here to help you accomplish your dreams and improve your lives and in turn, Change the World One Dream at a Time. 

At IFB Financial, you will find your life’s work here being involved in something much greater than yourself.  

Welcome to IFB Financial. 

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The sooner you get started the more advantages you have to get the best college education possible at the lowest cost. 

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