As the Founder of IFB Financial, I would like to introduce myself to give you an appreciation for who I am and why I founded IFB after 40 years of government service. My name is Andrew Giacomini and I am a dreamer and dreaming is in my DNA! I am a second generation American of Italian, English, and French descent. My ancestors dreamed of a better life in America and they risked everything to follow their dreams.  

As a boy, dreamed of being a military pilot growing up surrounded by unsung heroes from the “Greatest Generation.” My father and three uncles served in the U.S. Army during World War II. One uncle was a prisoner of war (POW) in a German Stalag POW camp. Patriotism ran deep in my family and I entered the Air Force in 1978, received my commission, became a pilot, and served for 26 years before “retiring” as a lieutenant colonel in 2004. Then I served an additional decade in the Intelligence Community fulfilling yet another dream. 

 During my career, earned a doctorate in business after earning two master’s degrees. taught undergraduate management classes at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado during my final military assignment. I also taught graduate courses in business at Regis University, during my off-duty time. 

After 40 years of service retirement was not in my future. I still had several dreams to accomplish one of which was building a business. Consequently, my entrepreneurial spirit grew stronger after public service and in October 2017, formed IFB Financial, LLC and began my journey to create a business serving IndividualsFamilies, and Businesses helping them accomplish their dreams.  

I joined the Financial Services Industry aligning myself with one of the leading brokers in the industry. Its unique marketing strategy, leadership, and quality of its proprietary products coupled with its focus on serving middle America allowed me to continue serving this country only now in the private sector.   

I am now strategically positioned to help you – individuals, families, and businesses – accomplish your dreams and obtain the lifestyle of your choice. That is why I formed IFB Financial. 

Dare to dream really big dreams. If your dreams do not scare you, dream bigger! 

So…Dare to Dream!