Giving Back to Our Community 

IFB Financial was founded on Judeo-Christian principles to improve clients’ lives by helping them accomplish their dreams.  

Our Motto is, Dare to Dream 

Our Vision isChange the World One Dream at a Time 

Our  Mission is, Improve clients’ lives by offering dynamic strategies to address financial challenges facing Individuals, Families, and Businesses, in pursuit of their dreams. 

Our Core Values are: 

  • Service to God and clients before self. 
  • Excellence in everything we do. 
  • Integrity First.  

Our Core Values guide our individual and corporate decisions and we must live these Core Values in giving back to our community. It is important to recognize that serving God is more than just serving our clients. We must also be good citizens in the communities where we operate 

Therefore, IFB Financial will also serve people who Dare to Dream to escape very painful situations in their lives. Specifically, we will help women and children escape from the horrendous human trafficking and sex trade they were forced into 

IFB Financial is committed to this service and will set aside 10 percent of all sales to establish a charitable foundation designed to help these enslaved women and children obtain new lives and achieve their dreams. 

The Giacomini Foundation’s Motto, Mission, and Vision statements are: 

  • Motto – Serving God by Helping Enslaved Women and Children 
  • Vision  Changing the World by Helping One Person at a Time Escape Enslavement 
  • Mission – Improving Women and Children’s Lives by Helping Them Escape from human trafficking and the sex trade. 

The Giacomini Foundation’s three major activities will be: 

  • Pray for the enslaved and their captors that God will comfort the enslaved and soften the hearts of their captors to leave human trafficking and sex trading and set their captives free. 
  • Work with law enforcement, state and local organizations, and charitable organizations to assist in helping women and children escape from human trafficking and the sex trade. 
  • Assist law enforcement in gathering evidence on the high-level organizers of these illegal activities, including pedophile rings, to bring the perpetrators to justice. Specifically, The Giacomini Foundation will focus on gathering evidence on high-level politicians and other elite in the U.S. engaged in these criminal activities.  

In addition, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to the churches, parochial schools, and parochial school high school youth groups who utilize IFB Financial’s college planning services. 

Let's Dream Together
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