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Andrew is a dreamer and dreaming is in his DNAHe is a second generation American of Italian, English, and French descent. His ancestors dreamed of a better life in America and they risked everything to follow their dreams.  

Throughout his life, Andrew followed his dreams tooAs a boy, he dreamed of being a military pilotHe grew up surrounded by unsung heroes from the “Greatest Generation.” His father and three uncles served in the U.S. Army during World War II in the Pacific and European theaters. One uncle was a prisoner of war (POW) in a German Stalag POW camp. Patriotism ran deep in his family and Andrew pursued his dream and entered the Air Force in 1978. He completed Flight Screening Program and Officer Training School and received his commission in January 1979. He completed pilot training and served for 26 years before “retiring” as a lieutenant colonel in 2004. 

 During his Air Force career, he earned a doctorate in business in his “free time” after earning two master’s degrees. He taught undergraduate management classes at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado during his final military assignment. He also taught graduate courses in business at Regis University, during his off-duty time. 

Throughout his Air Force career, he also dreamed of working with the Air Force Security Forces – Air Force police – and he accomplished this dream during his final two years at the Air Force Academy. He served as a part-time Air Force Security Officer when he was not teaching classes to Academy cadets. Yes, the Air Force gave Andrew a sidearm and a patrol vehicle! 

His next dream was working in the U.S. Intelligence Community for his second career and more specifically, serving in the counterterrorism community. He fulfilled this dream when he worked at the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) as the NCTC Chief Strategist and Internal Business Consultant, before “retiring” in May 2016.  

Andrew served his country for 40 years before entering civilian life, but retirement was not in his future. Throughout his life, he dreamed of building a business and his entrepreneurial spirit grew stronger after public service. He joined Premier Financial Alliance (PFA) in April 2017 and became a licensed insurance agent and Certified Field Trainer 

PFA grabbed his attention because of its unique marketing strategy in the Financial Services Industry, the quality of its proprietary products coupled with its focus on serving middle America. In addition, he chose PFA because the mission was more important than any individual agent; and, the comradery among associates equaled the comradery Andrew experienced during his military service.  

In October 2017, Andrew formed IFB Financial, LLC and began his journey to create a business serving IndividualsFamilies, and Businesses helping them accomplish their dreams. By serving others, Andrew is implementing his vision to Change the World One Dream at a Time. 

Andrew married his high school sweetheart and they have three daughters, who are also following their entrepreneurial dreams. Their daughters have blessed them with three grandchildren who bring love and joy into the Giacomini family. 

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